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5 Stars

Fabian is doing some really great work for me on my Shopify store.

He helped me optimize my product pages and has doubled my conversion rate to cold traffic.

Very valuable resource and I’ll be hiring him again

5 Stars

Fabian is extremely collaborative and not only did he fulfil all that we agreed upon, but he also exceeded my expectations by accomplishing much more.

My site performance was 44 before Fabian, and it increased to 95 after his intervention... This experience was truly exceptional, a solid 150%.

here is some of my work

Hali Buy Case Study
Kill Crew Case Study
Crepe Erase Case Study

Are you struggling with these?

I can help

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Having your hands tied with daily operations, leaving your website conversions unoptimised

money in the trash icon

Spending thousands on paid ads, just to rely on low performing pages to convert the traffic

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Feeling frustrated by guessing what changes will make or break your conversions

What can I achieve for your store?

See for yourself!

30,000 10,000,000
1.5 %
0 9
30 $
10 500
20 %
I guarantee 10% (or more)! 100

I Guarantee to make you
$90,000 EXTRA Annual Revenue

Annual revenue $90,000
Monthly revenue $8,600
Addidtional monthly revenue $1,000
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The Process


Free CRO Audit

I will conduct an in-depth analysis of your online store, looking at what elements are missing, and what improvements can be made.

At the very least, you'll receive a comprehensive roadmap you can implement on your own to add thousands to your monthly revenue.

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Before I start making any changes, I take a closer look at the analytics and health markers of your store. I look at where people are dropping off, what sections aren’t used, and which parts are the bottlenecks on your store.

During this stage I install analytics tools, conduct surveys and develop an action plan for the next stage.

Active Optimization

I start rolling out the changes in order to improve the parts where most of your conversions drop.

I look carefully for any changes through A/B Testing, improving the store bit by bit everyday and carefully monitoring of your conversion metrics.

Results & Analysis

Once I've tested our changes I will have gotten results and can make new hypothesis for our next round of testing.

I work very iterative, once a round of testing is done I take those learnings and apply them for the next round, constantly lifting your conversion rate upwards.

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